Opticis provides optimal solution for medical imaging system as transmitting digital video signal in optical fiber.

With a rich technical experience in fiber-optic technology, Opticis aims to provide long distance extension of audio/video signal without any electric noises which is required in medical imaging field. EMI (Electro-magnetic interference) is the key feature for medical imaging field since it can affect the diagnostic performance of imaging equipment such as MRI, X-ray or endoscopes. When using Opticis optical fiber extenders, there is no electric noises while transmitting video signal as isolating electro-magnetic interference from display source to display. Moreover, optical fiber transmission gives perfect connection as extending uncompressed 2K/4K resolution with no delay.

Opticis optical fiber extenders deliver crystal clean image in all medical devices. Opticis optical fiber extenders are certified with UL/EN60601-1, 60601-1-1, CE, FCC and Class 1 Laser Eye safety for all medical electrical equipment.