OHD14 ; 1X4 HDMI Distributor
SPIDER: HDMI Distributor

Opticis 1:4 HDMI Distributor OHD14 makes one (1) HDMI video source split into four (4) displays simultaneously without any signal loss or digital noise. It guarantees to support full channels HDMI 1.3/HDCP1.1 compliant.

•   Offers one (1) HDMI video source split into four (4) displays 
•   Supports many types of option for EDID
•   Supports CEC function
•   Supports DDC/HDCP
•   Supports graphic computer resolution up to WUXGA (1920x1200) at 60Hz and HD 1080p (1920x1080)
•   Compatible with HDMI-DVI cable
•   Input power: +5V 2.6A
•   Dimensions (WDH): 200 x 104 x 25mm
•   Weight: 0.28Kg

•   OHD14: 1EA
•   +5V 2.6A adaptor: 1EA
•   User manual

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