OPS-XYZ ; Rack mountable Optical Splitter
Stretch DVI™ : Optical Splitter

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• Compatible products: DVFX-110-TR, M1-201DA-TR, M1-203D-TR and M1-3R2VI-DU

• Dimensions (WDH): 432 x 150 x 43.8mm (OPSR-2) / 189.5 x 191 x 39mm (OPS-xyz) 

OPS-104S: 1x4 SC optical splitter
OPS-108S: 1x8 SC optical splitter
OPS-116S: 1x16 SC optical splitter
OPS-408S: 4x8 (1x2,2EA) SC optical splitter 
OPS-208L: 2x8 (1x4, 2EA) LC optical splitter
OPS-216L: 2x16 (1x8,2EA) LC optical splitter

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