USB-FC30AA ; USB 3.0 Active Optical Cable
Stretch USB™ : Point-to-Point Cable

OPTICIS USB extension cable, USB-FC30AA, links the USB data up to 100m (328ft) without any repeater. USB-FC30AA provides the simplest way to link the USB device far from the host. 


USB-FC30AA provides A plug to A plug. It offers convenient extension where there is no AC power supply adjacent at the end of the device. Furthermore, bi-directional transmission increases the convenience in such users do not need to distinguish TX/RX side of the connector. Connected device must be self-powered.


A to B copper cable (15cm) and a locking housing are provided for Type B device such as Camera, USB hub and etc.

• Compatible with USB 3.0 standards

• Transmits USB 3.0 data to 100m (328 feet) over hybrid cable.

• TX / RX insensitive design (two-way port)

• SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps data rate

• Adopts plenum graded UL hybrid cable

• Operated by 5V source power

• USB 3.0 A plug to A type plug

• No software installation required: Plug and Play

  • One (1) USB 3.0 active optical cable
  • One (1) User Manual
  • One (1) A to B cable (15cm)
  • One (1) Locking housing

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